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I would just like to say a big thank you to Jackie for her expertise and skills in teaching my daughter. She tutored her in a comfortable and relaxed way that allowed my daughter to pass all her exams with confidence. I would definitely recommend Jackie as a tutor.
John, Edinburgh

In my experience, Jackie is a highly professional and organised tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed my tutorials with her and, as well as giving me expert tuition, she gave me the confidence to succeed. Thanks again, Jackie.
Sara, Lanarkshire

Thank you very much for the tutorials. They have been a great help to me.
Olmo, Edinburgh

Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given to Ailsa. She is much better prepared for her Higher Maths and we are very grateful.
Teresa and Gerry, Edinburgh

Thank you so much for your help. Maths does not seem impossible anymore. Thank you also for your advice and being there to calm me down.
Cat, Edinburgh

Jackie is an amazing tutor, who managed to get me from 3 out of 30 to a C pass grade in 4 tutorials. She basically taught me the whole Intermediate 2 course within that time, so I would highly recommend Jackie as a tutor and would like to say thanks again for all the help.
Jamie, Edinburgh

Jackie is very kind and patient and makes you feel at ease. She explains in simple terms how to work out any maths problems. My daughter's confidence is growing and it's all thanks to Jackie's excellent tuition. I would highly recommend Jackie.
Diane, Edinburgh

When I applied for the Police recently, I looked on line for a Maths Tutor and found Jackie's details. I was delighted to find Jackie specialised in Police SET.  I found Jackie's tuition a great help to me and she was open to all ways and means of teaching me the necessary to get me through my Police SET. She was very friendly, approachable and a great teacher as she put me at ease straight away. After 6 lessons with Jackie I sat my Police SET and I am delighted to say I passed. I fully believe without Jackie's tuition I would not have been successful. I would like to thank Jackie for all her help. I am now on my way to fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a Police officer and couldn't have done it without her.
Jocelin, Edinburgh

Jackie was welcoming from our first meeting. She has been friendly, supportive and encouraging at every session. My daughter was studying for her Higher Maths and needed some guidance and reassurance and she saw a big difference even after the first session. My daughter has gone from strength to strength with Jackie's approach. I would gladly recommend Jackie to any potential pupils.
Susan, Edinburgh

I recently applied for the Police. After having a look at the sample papers for the SET test I realised quickly that I needed some help to brush up on skills I had not used since high school. I searched the internet for a Maths Tutor and found Jackie. I could not believe my luck to find Jackie specialised in Police Entrance Tests I thought Jackie's tuition was a great help to me. She was very friendly and approachable. I sat my Police SET and I passed. I could not have done this without Jackie's help.
Ryan, Edinburgh

Although Fin has just had a few sessions, it has helped him hugely. He has got his confidence back and again feels he can do maths! Thank you. Please keep going !...
Dorothy, Gullane

Jackie has made a huge difference to my daughter's confidence in Maths in only a few lessons. She has a friendly and welcoming nature, which put my daughter at ease right from the start. She is also very patient and encourages questions. I would recommend Jackie without any hesitation.
Kirsten, Edinburgh

Rachael feels she is benefiting hugely from Jackie's tuition - so much so that she now feels more confident in her ability to achieve a good grade in her forthcoming Higher maths exam. She enjoys the time spent with Jackie and says she'd happily spend the whole day there doing maths work.
Janette, Edinburgh

Thank you so very much for all your help and tuition with Amy. It is amazing to see the difference in her not only in her NABs but in her confidence and belief in herself regarding Maths.  We will highly recommend you to others!
Lindsay and Mark, Edinburgh

Jackie has made a huge difference to my daughter’s confidence and knowledge in studying for Higher Maths. Emily has been at ease with Jackie from day one and I would have no hesitation recommending her.
Valerie, Edinburgh

Jackie has tutored both of my children brilliantly. My daughter failed her Higher Maths prelim and her school wanted to withdraw her from the course. I persuaded the school to do otherwise by engaging Jackie. Jackie put my daughter at ease and explained how she was going to cover the Higher Maths topics using her own worksheets showing all the steps in laying out the solutions etc. My daughter bonded well with Jackie as she adopts a friendly, open and honest approach. The way she explains topics and issues is "spot on". Jackie succeeded in delivering and instilling a confident understanding of Maths in my daughter who secured a good B pass. Her Maths teacher's comment was "where did that come from!"

My son had to cover the Intermediate 2 syllabus over a 6 week period in order to be assessed for a higher level course. I engaged Jackie. At the end of the 6 week period, my son was questioned at his school for an hour on Intermediate 2 Maths topics in order to demonstrate his understanding of the course. Following the assessment, my son was told that he had passed well. I believe he could not have achieved this result without Jackie's tutoring.

Jackie clearly evidences an excellent skills set in tutoring Maths and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.
Murdoch, Edinburgh

I cannot recommend Jackie Cohen highly enough. Having contacted her on Easter Sunday to request help with Higher Maths, and received a reply the same day, this was an early sign of how organised and efficient she is. Jackie quickly got to grips with what my daughter needed help with and tailored 10 sessions to support her. Jackie is not only a brilliant mathematician she is able to explain everything clearly. She prepared her sessions in advance, had lots of material available and gave some additional homework. The value obtained was way beyond the one hour tutorials. Jackie was dedicated, committed, and most of all built my daughter's confidence. Jackie knows the SQA higher maths syllabus inside out. I trusted Jackie from the outset and I am delighted to say my daughter achieved an A pass in her exam in 2013.
Anne, Edinburgh

My son showed significant improvement in GCSE maths course work just in few weeks of commencement of tuition. Jackie's technique of breaking down the topic and explaining in much more depth has helped Hari's understanding of the subject. Jackie is very thorough and systematic in delivering her tuition. During recent assessments, my son received grade A. The form tutor felt that there was significant progress in Hari's performance in complex subject material. I am confident that my son will attain either A, or A* in GCSE final exams if this progress continues. We thank Jackie for agreeing to provide tuition to my son.
Sai, Edinburgh

We would thoroughly recommend Jackie Cohen as a maths tutor. Our son Callum was struggling with Int 2 maths and we got in touch with Jackie at the time of his prelim, with the school suggesting that he may not sit the final exam. Callum's progress with Jackie was immediate. It was evident from day one that she was able to engage him as an individual and that he enjoyed attending. He was soon achieving full marks in his NABS and working through tutorials and past papers with confidence. His final exam result was an 'A' pass which would have been unthinkable only a few months previously. The whole family were absolutely delighted when the result arrived. However, just as importantly, so was Jackie. It was very clear to us just how much Jackie cares about her students and their success.
Brian and Marilyn, Edinburgh

We have no hesitation in recommending Jackie Cohen as a tutor. She saw our daughter through her Credit and Higher Maths courses in which she achieved a 1 and an A, respectively - which our daughter doesn’t think she could have achieved without Jackie’s help. Jackie’s teaching skills were impeccable; she is incredibly organised and creates a relaxed atmosphere which allowed our daughter to achieve her full potential. Jackie’s knowledge of maths is astounding and her way of explaining is very easy to grasp. This allowed our daughter to better understand mathematical theory and greatly aided her confidence in her work. Jackie’s advice and support not only helped our daughter’s confidence in her mathematical abilities but improved her confidence in her academic abilities across the curriculum.

Jackie is not only a wonderful maths tutor, she is a warm, friendly and caring person. Her dedication to helping her students is unquestionable. Jackie’s support of our daughter went above and beyond what you would expect of a tutor. She is a lovely person and our daughter would look forward to her tutorials because of Jackie’s kind nature.
We cannot recommend Jackie highly enough as a tutor.
David and Yvonne, Edinburgh

Thank you for assisting Ryan over the last few months. He thinks he got on okay with the exam which is good but the difference in his confidence levels and personality as he got a handle on things was amazing after just a few sessions. It really was like a weight lifted from his shoulders and that can only be positive for all his studies and his health.
Lesley, Edinburgh

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, patience and commitment in helping me reach my goal of successfully completing my Police Entrance tests. The way you were able to tune into my learning style from the planning and preparation of our sessions, dividing the workload into achievable amounts and breaking down questions into visual formats to allow me to gain a better understanding. Not only have you aided my skill level but you have raised my confidence in numbers long term. I have always found Maths difficult and shied away from tutorials in the past but the impact your sessions have made in such a short space of time was outstanding. 

To sum up Jackie Cohen as a tutor in 3 words "makes maths manageable" 
Amy, Edinburgh

The best testimonial I can give Jackie is the fact that when my very stressed son arrived at his first lesson with her, she jumped straight into the subject with enthusiasm, explaining and challenging him with problems to answer, after which he left with a beaming smile on his face because he finally understood Advanced Higher Maths. Her teaching is hands on, practical and full of enthusiasm. His love of Maths was back! He loved going to her lessons and was never disappointed in her ability to explain the most challenging of problems. During the year his grades increased and at the final exam he did very well, and is now going to University, to do a course where Maths will be extremely useful. The confidence he gained in her lessons had a knock on effect with other subjects (Biology Higher had more Maths in it this year) and he did very well thanks to Jackie. As a parent I would highly recommend her tuition to anyone struggling with Maths, or anyone who just wants to do better. This was money well spent, just to see the joy on our son’s face at the end of those lessons.
Helen, Edinburgh

We were looking for a maths tutor to help our 16 year old daughter prepare for her Higher maths exam, and we are really happy that we found Jackie. Her teaching methods were perfect and she explained things clearly and thoroughly. She also provided extensive materials and example questions to consolidate the teaching. She provided useful feedback, and gave our daughter the confidence she needed. Jackie is friendly and approachable, and it was a huge benefit to our daughter to have her as a tutor - she passed her Higher with an 'A' pass.
Alison, Edinburgh

Thank you for all your help with Jack. I have been singing your praises anyway but will now shout them from the rooftops! You have helped make a young man and a mum so very happy.
Donna, Edinburgh

There seems to be a mismatch between how maths is taught in schools and how it is examined. Jackie has bridged that gap for us. My daughter understood the class work in maths but just could not manage the questions in the exams. 
Jackie has taken her from a panic attack and “no award” from the SQA to an ”A” at Nat 5. She gave her confidence and understanding that she just wasn’t getting at school.
Jackie was the first person to be phoned when the results arrived - a very grateful student now with a barrier to Uni removed. 
Jackie was recommended to me by another grateful parent and I would (and have already) absolutely pass on that recommendation to anyone struggling with National Curriculum Maths.
Hazel, Edinburgh

We’ve been delighted with Jackie’s support. Once a rapport is established, she works hard and continues to take a great interest in her pupils. Our son went from a disappointing prelim Nat5 to an A and 80+% in his tests in school. Don’t know how she does it but it works!
Catherine, Edinburgh

My son finds Jackie extremely helpful and an excellent teacher. Jackie has an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and his 1-1 time has been invaluable especially given the school closures and home learning this year due to Covid. Topics are clearly articulated then supported with factsheets and question & answer sheets to aid revision. I would highly recommend Jackie as a Mathematics tutor.
Nicola, Edinburgh

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